The risk free payment on delivery solution

Feel comfortable paying for your large purchases

Finally you can feel at ease while transfering your money for a new car, boat or caravan. Lawyer pay is a unique service that allows you to safely pay for valuable items or services. On top, no stress whether your money is transferred to the sellers bank account when you pick up your new purchase.

How does it work?

If you purchase goods from an affiliated lawyer Pay seller, you will be offered the option of having your money passed through Lawyer Pay. Lawyer Pay has identified and checked all its participating sellers in advance. After signing the sales agreement, you will not transfer the money directly to the seller’s bank account, but to a bankaccount that is managed and supervised by an independent lawyer.

You will receive a unique code from Lawyer Pay that allows you to fully control your money as long as it is in the bankaccount of the independant lawyer. The seller will be notified that your money has been received by the independent lawyer.

Then it’s time to make an appointment to collect your new purchase at the seller. Is everything ok and all salesconditions are met to accept your purchase, you use your unique code to transfer the money from the independent lawyer to the bank account of the seller.

If you reject the purchase because conditions of the sale have not been met, you use your unique code to have the money transferred back to your own bank account. The money will be sent back to your bankaccount within 24 hours. Optional you just leave your money in the bankaccount of the independent lawyers until the conditions of  the sale have been met. Do take notice of the conditions in the sales agreement.

Buyer and seller agree on purchasing goods or services
Buyer transfers money to independent Lawyer bank account
Buyer receives unique code to stay in control
Buyer accepts delivery. Money is transferred to sellers bank account
Buyer rejects delivery. Money transferred back to buyers bank account

Guaranteed delivery or money back

Scam prevention: identification of seller

No stress when picking up your purchase

Arbitration service

Risk free payment on delivery of High-quality used cars!

 "Lawyer Pay gives our customers total control of their payments. It allows people to buy a car on without having to worry about their payment and whether the car they are buying will live up to their expectations. No matter what the reason is, if a customer doesn’t want the car they can just decline delivery on the Delivery-app and they will have their money back within 48 hours. The Lawyer Pay process is vital to our customer journey and helps us make our customers happy."

The safe way to pay for large purchases!

Identification of buyer and seller
Identification of buyer and seller
Full control until sale conditions have been met
Full control until sale conditions have been met

Frequently asked questions

Why do companies use Lawyer Pay as a solution?

Companies offering their customers to pay using Lawyer Pay show to their customers that ‘they will deliver as promised or your money back’. That is a very strong statement and frankly a unique selling point. Companies using Lawyer Pay are capable organizations that are comfortable to give control to their customers, because they are confident they will do a great job and if not, the customer can use that control to get a quick refund. Besides this obvious secure and trust-building benefit a lot of companies choose Lawyer Pay to streamline their processes. Lawyer Pay as a process saves time, gives you a financial overview and control of the situation. The API integration enables a company to make their processes even more efficient. Automate messages, invoicing, business administration, delivery confirmation, website updates, CRM integration and more. 

Lawyer Pay enables companies to do an outstanding job for their customers while saving money by process optimizations.

How do I know I have control over my money?

As a buyer paying through Lawyer Pay you are in total control of your money at all times, because you can cancel prior to delivery or during delivery in order to say; ‘No, I do not wish to take delivery of the product and/or service. I would like my money back’. When you cancel or decline delivery via our ‘Delivery-app’ or via the online portal, you simply indicate you do not wish to take delivery, type in the release code you received right after payment (via e-mail and SMS), set your signature and within 48 hours you will have your money back in your own bank account.

Until when can I get my money back when I'm doing a transaction as a buyer?

This depends on which company you are using Lawyer Pay for. For consumer services such as Carnext for instance, you can cancel prior to or during delivery of a car and receive your money back in 48 hours. For yacht brokers, camper brokers or business-to-business trade it depends on the agreement made.

Is my personal data safe with Lawyer Pay?

Your personal data is safe with Lawyer Pay. Please read our Privacy Statement to learn more. You can be rest assured that we take security very seriously. Our security is based on the ISO 27001 and 27002 standards and is regularly updated.

Can I pay Lawyer Pay from my bank?

You can pay Lawyer Pay from any bank within the SEPA-zone and using most credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa and Amex. ‘SEPA’ stands for Standard European Payment Area. All banks within countries that are part of SEPA have to treat payments within the SEPA-zone in the same way as an internal national payment and are not allowed to charge additional fees for such transactions. For example: A payment from a Spanish private individual to Lawyer Pay’s non-Spanish bank account is treated in the same way as a payment within Spain, so no additional costs can be charged. If your bank does charge extra you should file a complaint with your bank as this is against the law. For more information about SEPA, please go to the website of the European Central Bank.